msmart-box special housings

A complete mechanical integration solution in a few days


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Large companies wanting fast prototype development, medium sized companies requiring a single platform to support multiple product variants and small companies needing low volumes. The msmart-box offers an easy path to rapid product development and adapts to customers needs as they evolve.

Time to market

From a technical brief to a complete mechanical design online in minutes. A fully assembled product delivered to you in days. Accelerate your market entry, beat the competition, increase market share and improve cash flow.




Competitive advantage

A solution guaranteed to work: fast! This enhances your credibility and reputation for innovation and creativity. Reliable execution promotes the excellence of your brand and products.

Compatible components from one supplier including power, data communications and monitoring.

Cost effective

When you factor in all the costs, delays, continuity of supply and quality issues associated with multi-sourcing components, including the many hours spent on integration and the premium charged for selective genuine high specification items etc. you can see why the msmartbox is so cost effective.