msmart-box special housings

IP67+ rated integrated solution Production - Ready sample in days

Your electronics inside - Our smart protection outside


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Not just enclosures - we provide a complete mechanical integration solution

  • One stop-shop for all your mechanical integration requirements for your outdoor product design
  • Modular innovative technology for all your waterproof interfaces for power and data communication and monitoring
  • IP67+ rated integrated solution
  • Production-ready sample in days
  • Pressure equalisation via Gore vent
  • Prevent internal condensation via Gore vent
  • On-site mounting options for equipment
  • EN60950.22 approved
  • RoHS compliant

Complete your mechanical integration design for your outdoor solutions in minutes online and receive your production-ready prototype in days from MC Technologies.

“I started with a great idea for a new product, but then it took months of frustration to realise my concept and make my electronics fit into the outside world … costing me money, opportunities and market share”.

Sound familiar? If so, please contact us and see how these delays and problems could have been avoided and a market-ready product can be delivered in days rather than months; and at virtually no cost compared to the tens of thousands just to get a prototype.


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