Cable assembly

High quality cable assembly solutions customized to meet your requirements – reliably, quickly and cost-effectively. We use connectors sourced from leading manufacturers such as MOLEX, Binder, JST or TE Connectivity.

Design consulting:

Which cable cross section? What type of connector? Soldered or crimped? Complying with which standards? We are pleased to assist you during the development phase, providing you with the best possible solution both in technical and economic terms. As the distribution partner of leading connector manufacturers we are able to provide competent advice concerning the optimum design for your customized solution as well as to pass on the benefit of the excellent prices we are given for the components we use.

Order production:

We can manufacture products to order in the batch sizes you require and, thanks to targeted prefabrication, also supply buffer and emergency stocks in reaction to short-term fluctuations in demand; re-orders can be supplied within one working day.

Logistics services:

Customer-specific labelling; bundling of different products for assembly-oriented delivery as pre-packed sets of parts; kanban supply concepts and much more besides.

Thanks to our many years of experience we can supply highest-quality products which are manufactured to your specifications; compliant with all conventional standards and in the desired quantities.

Our core focuses in this regard are on-time deliveries, cost effectiveness, flexibility and reliability.


You can contact our specialists by phone

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Round connectors:

Crimped and soldered versions, also pointed


Crimping technology:

We can assimilate all contacts for you from Molex, JST, AMP and others

Flexible flat conductors:

Crosscut and strengthened for use with ZIF and non-ZIF connectors RM 0.5 ... 2,54 mm

Special wiring harness:

Construction and manufacture of customer-specific cables and LWL  cable fittings


Valve cable

Relay connection cable

Machine cable

Connection cable

Vending machine control

Pressure sensor

Data transmission

DC motor

Power supply

Distributor for small drives

Light barrier control

Water pump control