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Construction machines are moved around to different locations and must always be ready for use. Cranes, for example, are thus fitted with networked mini-computers which control and monitor them. For the operators it is crucial that they are able to monitor the machines' operating status continuously, also remotely, and at changing locations. Over and above this, vandalism on building sites is a serious problem. Remote monitoring must thus also provide an option for visual observation of the site.

The mobility of the machines makes the use of a wireless solution via a mobile network the ideal option for such applications, not only because of the high degree of network coverage. MC Technologies routers are able to provide protected, reliable network connections to machines via mobile networks and the Internet. Just as if the machines were located within the operator's local network. Our routers are able to secure the connection independently thanks to integrated mechanisms. The use of two SIM cards in the router ensures higher network availability as required. In addition to this, IP cameras can
easily be connected to the router. This allows visual observation of the building site parallel to data communications. It not only sounds simple; it is simple.

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