M2M/IoT in the industry

VPNGate – Simpler – Faster – More secure

The MC Technologies VPN solution for your as remote maintenance, monitoring, networking and alarm applications

VPNGate allows you to connect an MC Technologies router or your PC to your VPN in just a few simple steps. As a result connected network devices such as SPS, IP cameras, IP displays and sensors can be directly accessed via all networks. A simple and cost-effective solution!

VPNGate generates all the necessary certificates and automatically configures the connected devices.

Your VPN is managed via a secure Web portal, where you can create groups and users; assign them rights and devices and monitor all access. This makes it possible to represent your company’s entire organization by simply using ”drag and drop”.

You decide who is allowed what access to your devices. The only operating precondition is that your devices are connected to the Internet. No expensive private APN’s; no public IP addresses; no roaming charges; no contractual commitment to a mobile network operator.

  • Multi-client enabled system, freely scalable
  • High availability thanks to redundant servers in Germany
  • Highest degree of security thanks to certificate-based VPN connections and firewall
  • Automatic creation and up-dating of certificates
  • Simple administration via the Web portal, secure access via HTTPS
  • Routing right up to your network components
  • Hierarchical group structure
  • You define group and user rights
  • MC Technologies industrial routers are configured fully automatically


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