M2M/IoT in the industry

Remote monitoring and control – secure and cost-conscious

M2M Technology: Routers, Gateways & Modules for Industry 4.0 Solutions

The ongoing process of digitalization (including “Industry 4.0”) will see the implementation of networks in industry continue to increase in coming years. This applies both to wired and wireless data communication (e.g. via mobile networks or, at close range, WLAN/WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.). In addition to this, investment will also be required to replace existing telephone line-based systems, since most of them use the ISDN network to establish connections and this will be deactivated till 2020, meaning that the systems will no longer function.

Remote monitoring or control of industrial systems from waste containers to construction cranes; from bio-gas plants to office machines or from wind turbines and water pumps to metal cutting machines will thus often have to be re-designed.

Thanks to a portfolio of solutions, MC Technologies can offer support during this process, as a development partner, manufacturer and distributor or a logistics partner. All our solutions are available with comprehensive project management from development through implementation of the first pilot applications to on-going serial operation.

  • The wireless modules we use are sourced from leading manufacturers; we also provide corresponding design-in services to make your application fit for machine-to-machine data communications, independent of the existence, structure and access rights of on-site IT networks
  • Our wireless gateways (terminals) support event-, time- or request-controlled remote data transmission with or without prior partial evaluations, compression or other processing
  • Our industrial routers with UMTS or LTE wireless functionality or LAN routers enable Internet access to your systems via secure tunnels, just as if they were directly located inside your company network
  • MC Technologies industrial computers with wireless functionality allow you to combine extensive processing capacity with a data communication solution
  • Last but not least, our MC VPNGate gateway solution is designed for simple management of our routers, from one device to a system comprising several thousand devices operating worldwide in diverse provider networks, and remote monitoring of the equipment connected to the routers

All of the above comply with industrial quality standards for reliability, robustness, temperature and vibration resistance and, of course, data security – specifically tailored to your application and thus function- and cost-optimized.

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