Wireless monitoring and maintenance of industrial machines


Industrial applications



Mobile network routers for remote monitoring

Decentralized stationary systems or mobile machines often suffer from a missing Internet connection which could be used for remote monitoring or remote maintenance. MC Technologies systems offer the option of mobile network-based remote access to operating data and control systems, thus making remote servicing and condition-based maintenance possible as well as increasing productivity.



Condition Monitoring

Lining systems and mobile machines – such as construction machinery – with LTE routers to a control centre via a secure connection, allows a connection to these devices just as if they were in a local network (LAN). This makes it possible to evaluate operating data, identify unusual operating conditions and Plan and execute equipment maintenance based on actual wear and tear (condition based maintenance). LTE technology also offers benefits for in-house systems since it does not require a DSL line or the corresponding installation work.

Remote Control

Devices for communications and control generally required to remotely manage systems in other locations or mobile machines. Programmable communications units with a range of I/Os allow to carry out both tasks with only one device. Sensors and actuators can be connected wirelessly using wMBus radio technology to such device, simplifying and minimizing the equipment of existing systems. In addition to this, by using a wireless bus and LTE infrastructure cable installation works and DSL line charges become obsolete.




Remote read out of control systems via LTE

MC Technologies LTE routers have been specially optimized for industrial use and are suitable for remote access to modern control systems, for example for remote maintenance of machines and systems. They include secure, encrypted data transmission systems (such as Open VPN/IPSec) between the stations.




Integrated control functions

MC100 systems can often replace simple control systems that require a limited number of I/Os. Thanks to their programmability and integrated LTE modem additional devices are not required; data however, is still transmitted to the usual control centre software. The solution can offer significant cost benefits on the hardware side without any compromise in functionality.




Monitoring of systems and transmission of alarms

MC100 SensT2/GPIO solutions offer numerous different connection options for I/Os and sensors, making them ideal for system monitoring and wireless data transmission via LTE. They can also generate alarms and warning messages if threshold values (such as temperature, filling level, humidity or analogue or digital values) are exceeded.