Recording and transmitting weather and environmental data


Weather and emissions always up to date



Data transmission without a DSL connection

Whether installed in an inner city area or a rural region, many recording stations for climate data, fine dust pollution or other air and water quality data require a permanent connection to a data centre. LTE technology can ensure stations are integrated just as if they were in a local network.



Transmission of weather data

MC Technologies LTE modems are a tested and proven way to quickly transmit data recorded by weather stations, such as current temperature, sun intensity, wind speed or precipitation, to a data centre for evaluation. The modems allow to connect stations without a DSL infrastructure easily and cost-effectively.

Forwarding of contaminant levels

MC Technologies offers a variety of devices which make it possible to access pollution data on ozone, fine dust or, for example, readings on surface water quality at any time using wireless data transmission via a mobile network. The devices are of low energy consumption and are suitable for stationary and mobile measuring stations.




Transmission of environmental and geo data

MC Technologies modems and gateways are used to monitor weather and environmental conditions in many applications. In addition to weather applications they also help measure wind speeds at wind farms or rain and soil moisture in agriculture; with the supply of data for coastal protection and with the transmission of, for example, readings for earthquake warning systems.




Wireless recording and sending of data

The MC100 WMBUS makes flexible, programmable recording of data on environmental factors possible. Using wireless sensors and the MC100 as a gateway, urban air quality data, CO2 readings or fine dust data can, be sent wirelessly to the gateway and transmitted from stationary or mobile systems to a data centre.