Programmable mobile router for IoT/M2M

The MC PMRL mobile router can be individually programmed using OpenWrt Linux and is thus an alternative to extension modules, for example for protocol converters.

The MC Technologies MC PMRL industrial router can connect two remote networks via a mobile network, send sensor and other data, carry out switching tasks or transmit alarm signals. It can also be used for applications requiring the connection of different interfaces; making it an alternative, for example, to protocol converters such as ModbusTCP to Modbus RTU. Despite this high level of functionality, the MC PMRL is only slightly more expensive than a standard router.

OpenWrt Linux can be used to develop proprietary IoT applications and to integrate existing OpenWrT software add-ons and drivers. The MC PMRL has been designed with analogue inputs and digital in- and outputs, making it suitable for industrial machine communication applications among other things.

Further features:

  • High transmission rates (4G) of up to 50 Mbps uplink and 100 Mbps downlink
  • Wireless LAN access point
  • IPsec or OpenVPN tunnel and integrated firewall
  • Configuration via the integrated Web server or XML file
  •  RS232 and RS485 interfaces for transparent communication via IP