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Telemetry for professional coffee machines

German company WMF AG, headquartered in Geislingen/Steige, is the leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines. With over 270 service technicians in the field WMF operates Europe’s largest in-house technical service for professional coffee machines.

WMF service technicians not only ensure that machines are regularly serviced but also assist customers when commissioning new machines. This includes setting up the recipes for the various coffee products; briefing operatives; providing tips on coffee quality; giving advice on maintenance contracts and how to clean the machines; selection of accessories and much more besides. Technicians are also on call at weekends and public holidays and often able to provide help during a phone call. Should this not be possible, then the problem is solved during an on-site visit.

Remote support for customers in the field

In close cooperation with WMF coffee machine product management MC Technologies has developed a system for the remote servicing of the company’s coffee machines. Service technicians can now view machine data via the Internet, an important source of assistance which enables them to quickly analyse and remedy errors remotely. This in turn avoids unnecessary travel and increases the service department’s efficiency while simultaneously increasing the quality of service, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Clearly a win-win situation.

Increased efficiency thanks to telemetry

WMF coffee machines have been equipped with the MC88i mobile network terminal. The MC88i is a proprietary product developed by MC Technologies and incorporates important features, such as watchdog and always-on mode, which guarantee a secure, reliable connection.

A Java application on the mobile network modem is used to continuously gather data from the coffee machines and, depending on priority, to transmit it to a communications server (middleware) either ad-hoc or at a later time and store it in a central database. Machine data can be accessed anytime anywhere via the M2MGate web portal.

The newly developed monitoring solution, which is based on INSIDE M2M’s standard M2MGate network solution, now makes detailed information available to service technicians at all times – and prior to a service call.

Less down time – faster processes

Key features of the new solution. Coffee machines independently transmit internal error logs to the central data centre. The WMF service department can use these logs to make conclusions about possible imminent major errors and proactively carry out repairs. This avoids expensive down times.

In addition to this, counter readings for the various coffee specialities are transmitted, simplifying and speeding up invoicing procedures.