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M2M Gateways with LTE/UMTS/GPRS for M2M applications



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4G LTE IoT Gateway MC100 GPIO

The MC100 GPIO Gateway is equipped with a wide range of analogue inputs and digital in- and outputs. Node-RED™, a simple graphical programming interface supporting various pre-configured transmission protocols, can be used to forward measured values, meter readings, switching statuses and calculations to in-house servers or visualization software via LTE mobile networks.

In many cases the MC100 GPIO can be used to replace an under-used but cost-intensive electrical PLC controller while simultaneously functioning as an IoT gateway in a single device.

MC100 Overview

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4G LTE IoT Gateway MC100 SensorBox

The MC100 SensorBox is equipped with interfaces for up to 8 x 2 PT100/PT1000 temperature sensors as well as a wide range of additional analogue and digital in- and outputs.

The MC100 SensorBox in combination with Node-RED™ provides a fast and easy way to communicate data from distributed sensors and actors in the field to back-end systems. Additionally the MC100 SensorBox has sufficient reserve of computing power and memory to allow for local processing of smaller tasks.

MC100 Overview

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