Mobile radio devices for industry - data terminals, gateways, router, industrial computer


We offer you a well-balanced portfolio of different mobile terminals such as industrial computers, industrial routers, gateways and data terminals for your M2M/IoT application.

3G switch-off from the end of 2020

Telekom, Vodafone and O2 are switching off the 3G (UMTS) mobile communications standard in the near future: Telekom has guaranteed UMTS coverage in its contracts only until December 2020. Vodafone will switch off its 3G network at the end of June 2021 and O2 in 2022.

The background to this is that the frequencies thus released will be used in future for the expansion of the 4G network and the new 5G standard. The 2G GSM network will remain in place.

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Data terminals and Gateways

Datenterminals und Gateways

Our wireless gateways (terminals) support event-, time- or request-controlled remote data transmission with or without prior partial evaluations, compression or other processing.



Mobilfunk- und LAN-Router für die Industrie

Our routers with UMTS or LTE wireless functionality or LAN routers enable Internet access to your systems via secure tunnels, just as if they were directly located inside your company network

Industrial computer


MC Technologies industrial computers with wireless functionality allow you to combine extensive processing capacity with a data communication solution.