Molex industrial sealed connectors


Molex MX150L

Industrial Sealed Connector System

Pitch: 5,84 mm
Circuits: 2 - 16
Current: 18 A
Wire (AWG): 14 - 22


  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Construction equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Security Systems
  • Automation equipment

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Molex XRC

Extra Rugged Circular sealed Plugs and Receptacles

Circuits: 14 and 31 (18 and 24 shell)
Wire (AWG): 14 to 18


  • Industrial Vehicles and Equipment
  • Boating, Marine equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Specialty vehicles
  • Heavy equipment systems

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Molex SRC

Next-generation 84-way Sealed Rectangular Connectors, with single-handed blind-mate functionality use proven MX150™ and MX150L™ terminals to offer a hybrid, high power-and-signal circuit-count system for harsh applications in commercial vehicles


  • Agricultural machines
  • Construction and mining equipment
  • Forest and garden equipment
  • Search, detection and navigation equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Trains and rail equipment
  • Material handling

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The ML-XT™ connector includes high-performance seal technology; can withstand high temperatures and is extremely reliable, making it perfect for rugged applications in vehicles.

It delivers excellent technical added value while also offering a cost-competitive solution for existing automotive standard connector systems.

IP68 (IP69K-rated)
Up to 13 A rated current
High terminal retention force; exceeds 111 N

Selected applications:

  • Lorries and commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural machines
  • Mining equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Military vehicles

Datasheet (pdf)