MOLEX Brad® Industrial Automation Products

You will find Brad® products in many areas such as industrial manufacturing, the automotive industry, robotics, the food and luxury food industry or alternative energies.

Demanding industrial environments are no place for normal connectors. Which is why all Brad® automation products are designed for maximum performance and reliability, even in extreme applications.

M12 connectors are key elements in switch applications in particular. They ensure secure connections even where the connector is subjected to powerful movements or applied forces, as is usually the case for modern agricultural and construction machinery. A conventional switch with plastic RJ-45 connectors would not be able to stand up to this battering for long.

As a certified molex distribution partner we provide high-quality products which are the result of over 50 years of experience, competence and service.


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Brad® Product Catalog


HarshIO 600 - Digital IP67 IO Module (Classic Format*)

  • M12 Ultra-Lock Connection system
  • Ethernet/IP module featuring QuickConnect (QC) technology
  • IP67-rated housing

*Also available as compact module: HarshIO 300 IP67 IO module (Compact format)

MX-PTLTM M12 Cordsets

  • Locking Style: Push-to-Lock
  • NEMA Rating: IP67, IP68 (when fully rotated)
  • Industry Standards: Built to IEC


Ultra-Lock® Connection System

  • Locking Style: Positive locking, push-to-lock connection system
  • Fast, secure, reliable connection system
  • NEMA Rating: IP67, IP69K

Micro-Change® (M12) Connectors

  • Locking Style: M12 threaded connection system for sensor/actuators
  • Built to IEC industry standard
  • NEMA Rating: IP67, IP69K



Mini-Change® Connectors

  • Patented, Quad Beam socket
  • Poles: 2 - 19
  • NEMA Rating: IP67

Nano-Change® (M8) Products

  • Connection Type: M8 threaded connection system for sensor/actuators
  • Industry Standards: Built to IEC industry standard
  • NEMA Rating: IP67


Power Cordsets and Receptacles

  • NEMA Rating: IP67
  • Current: 16.0A
  • Voltage: 300V

mPm® DIN Valve Connectors

  • Connection Type: External thread, field attachable
  • NEMA Rating: IP67
  • Industry Standards: Conforms to EN175301-803 (DIN 43650)



M23 Signal and Power Connectors

  • Current: 28.0A
  • Flexible EMC-O ring
  • 5+PE and 4+3+PE versions available

Quick-Change Connectors

  • Up to 30.0A / 600V rated
  • 2 through 4-pole available
  • UL Recognized


Ultra-Lock® (M12) EX

  • Connection System for Zone 2 Hazardous Locations
  • Locking Style: Push-to-Lock
  • NEMA Rating: IP67, IP68, IP69K
  • Current: 4.0A