MPE Garry Delivery programm

The product range of MPE Garry covers pin header and female header with precision turned or stamped and formed contacts.

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Connectors B2B/W2B/IO

Pin Header

MPE Garry Stiftleisten

Pinheaders, connectors for printed circuit boards, SMD/SMT, through hole, reflow, wave soldering, wire wrap, press fit versions with precision turned, stamped and formed contacts. Customized connectors.

Female Header

Female headers/Socket strips for printed circuit boards form SMD/SMT, through hole, reflow or wave soldering or for wire wrap or press fit termination. All parts availabel with stamped, formed or preciion turned contacts. Customized connectors.


Micro T

Micro-T connectors for high end applications. Small, light weight, polarised and highest quality.