FCT D-Sub Connectors

FCT was founded 1972 in Munich. Product focus: Connectors for the aviation industry. Four years later, FCT designed and produced the first D-Sub connectors for the industrial sector. In 2013 FCT electronic GmbH was taken over by MOLEX.

The product range includes D-Sub Standard, Mixed Layout and High Density Connectors, SMT/THT/THR Connectors, Low-Profile Connectors, µTCA Connectors, Filter-Connectors, Crimp Connectors, IDC Ribbon Connectors, Dualport Connectors, Waterproof Connectors, EN 60603/DIN 41612 Connectors, Shielded Right Angled Adapter, Accessories for D-Sub Connectors.

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All FCT D-Sub connectors (including crimp versions etc.) are available in many different combinations of materials and platings. For example, shells can be supplied in a non-magnetic version made of brass, which can be electroless nickel, or gold plated for use in aerospace technology.

D-Sub Mixed Layout

This series includes high power contacts, high voltage contacts, pneumatic contacts and coaxial contacts in various designs.


D-Sub High Density

In terms of their outside dimensions the shells of the high density D-Sub series are the same as for the well known D-Sub connectors, but the number of contacts has been considerably increased (15, 26, 44, 62 and 78).


Amongst our distinctive product range, comprising of metal, plastic, non-magnetic, waterproof and metallizied hoods a suitable solution for almost any requierement can be found. Our hoods are available in multiple sizes and designs.